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A Time Warper left this Message at 9:01 A.M. on 9/9/20
"Ni hao" from first-century China! I just whacked my head with a fighting staff, and now I have a nagging suspicion I should never touch a fighting staff again. I learned about Chan Buddhism, and decided to write my own koans. My favorite one is "If Fred burps when no one else is around, did it make a sound?" The Shaolin Temple was totally awesome! Unfortuntely, some of the monks didn't seem to appreciate it when I referred to their temple as the "Shirley Temple." The good news is, we managed to get Sam out of The Book, where he had been stuck. The bad news is, he was in there a while, so he now makes a rustling sound when he walks. Zaijian! (Bye!)

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Li Shimin with armor and fighting staff