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"Namaste" — hello! — from eighth-century India! I just helped my friend Karna compete in a swayamvara, or marriage contest, to marry a princess. Now, I'm no poet, but I must say that the princess was more beautiful than (See, I told you I wasn't a poet.) It was very exciting! In the chariot race, I got Karna's horse to run faster by promising it and we won! On the down side, Karna would have won the archery contest if he hadn't For the tie-breaker, Karna was challenged to a chess match, and he said that I should compete for him. Unfortunately, I know nothing about chess, so I proposed a And guess what: I won! Yay for me! So, it all worked out. After Karna married the princess, we all rode on an elephant — which was great, except for the elephant's Catch you later!
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