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 Messages Across Time

B. left this Message at 8:34 P.M. on 9/27/21
Wow! I just got back from 10th-century Chichen Itza, and I really shouldn't have drunk all that chocolate drink! I missed seeing that cool "serpent of light" crawl down the Temple of Kukulkan because I sneezed at the exact wrong moment. Chichen Itza is really big! As a matter of fact, I walked so much that at one point my ankles fell off. I DID have a chance to play the Maya ballgame, though. You can't use your feet or hands, but fortunately I'm very adept with my belly button, so I scored a TON of points! Well, I have to go eat a mint to get this taste out of my mouth. Bye!

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Maya woman holding a large bowl