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Betsy and the Emperor by Staton Rabin. (McElderry, 2004)
Although he is the most feared man in the world, young Betsy Balcombe befriends the exiled Napoleon. For older readers.

Dear Napoleon, I Know You're Dead, But... by Elvira Woodroff. (Holiday House, 1992)
When Marty's teacher assigns her class a letter-writing project, Marty writes to Napoleon Bonaparte and is astonished to receive a reply — from Napoleon!

I, Crocodile by Fred Marcellino. (HarperCollins, 1999)
What would have happened if Napoleon brought a crocodile home from his Egyptian campaign? A resourceful croc relates his experiences in France.


The Battle of Waterloo by David Pietrusza. (Lucent, 1996)
A chronology of events, including an hour-to-hour account of the famous battle, begins this account of Napoleon's rise to power and his eventual demise.

C D B! by William Steig. (Simon & Schuster, 1968)
If you are intrigued by palindromes, you'll probably enjoy this clever use of letters and numbers.

Daily Life in Ancient and Modern Paris by Sarah Hoban. (Runestone, 2001)
In Paris, Napoleon constructed roads, built monuments such as the Arc de Triomphe, and transformed the Louvre into a museum.

Go Hang a Salami! I'm a Lasagna Hog! And Other Palindromes by Jon Agee. (Sagebrush, 1991)
One in a series of humorous books about palindromes by the same author.

Napoleon Bonaparte by Bob Carroll. (Lucent, 1994)
As the French people struggled in the chaos of the French Revolution, Napoleon rose to power, promising restored law and order and new worldwide respect.

Waterloo by Samuel Willard Compton. (Chelsea House, 2002)
Beginning with Napoleon's daring escape from Elba, the story of one of the world's most famous battles unfolds in words and pictures.

What's the Big Deal? Jefferson, Napoleon and the Louisiana Purchase by Rhoda Blumberg (National Geographic, 1998)
A detailed history, illustrated with maps, photographs and a timeline, of the negotiations and controversies surrounding the Louisiana Purchase.

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