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Around the World in 1500 by Virginia Schomp. (Benchmark Books, 2004)
Introduces important events in Europe, Asia, and the Americas in 1500.

Mosque by David Macaulay. (Houghton Mifflin, 2004)
The construction of a fictional mosque circa 1595, modeled after the work of the Ottoman Empire architect Sinan, combines architectural details with insight into Islamic culture and religion.

Muhammad of Mecca: Prophet of Islam by Elsa Marston. (Franklin Watts, 2001)
Information about Muhammad, as well as basic information about Muslim beliefs and practices, makes this a good introduction to Islam.

Muhammad by Demi. (Margaret K. McElderry, 2003)
This book tells the story of Muhammad's life in words and pictures.

The Ottoman Empire by Lucile Davis. (Blackbirch Press, 2004)
Life During the Great Civilizations series. This overview of the Ottoman Empire provides information on families, homes, clothing, work and more.

The Ottoman Empire by Adriane Ruggiero. (Benchmark Books, 2003)
Cultures of the Past series. Offers detailed information about all aspects of the Ottoman Empire, including an in-depth description of the reign of Suleyman.

Süleyman the Magnificent and the Ottoman Empire by Miriam Greenblatt. (Benchmark Books, 2002)
Rulers and Their Times series. Provides information on Süleyman's military and personal triumphs and defeats, and the daily lives of his subjects.

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