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Amelia Earhart


Born 1897 — Died 1937.


Born Kansas, United States.

Claim to fame:

Amelia was the first woman to try to circumnavigate the globe around the Equator.

Also known as:

Lady Lindy; The Brave Lady; Amelia Mary Earhart Putnam.

Nothing to do with:

The Lindy Hop (a style of swing dance); Braveheart; Amelia Bedelia.

Was good at:

Flying planes across the Atlantic; Flying planes to Hawaii; Being brave.

Was not good at:

Flying to the tiny Pacific island of Howland.

Likely to say:

"I am NOT a flight attendant!"

Unlikely to say:

"Give me airplane food, please."

Favorite ice cream:

"Plane" vanilla. (Or possibly Lemon "soar"-bet.)

Amelia Earhart