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Li Shimin


Born A.D. 599 — Died 649.



Also known as:

Emperor Taizong of Tang China; the second emperor of the Tang Dynasty; Heavenly Khan; Zhenguan; Wenwu-dasheng-daguang Xiao Huangdi ("Filial Emperor who is Civil and Martial, Greatly Holy, and Greatly Expansive").

Claim to fame:

Is considered by many to be the best of the dynastic emperors.

Likely to say:

"Father likes me best, so he will make ME emperor, rather than either one of you, my two brothers."

Unlikely to say:

"My brothers, the fact that you've tried to kill me three times doesn't bother me in the least. Go on about your business. You'll both live a long life."

Name of his dynasty:


Name of a fruit-flavored instant drink mix popular the world over:


Connection between the two Tangs, other than their names:

None whatsoever.

Favorite snack:

Anything not poisoned by his brothers.