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Born around 625 B.C. — Died around A.D. 562



Also known as:

Nebuchadrezzar; "O Nebo, defend my crown"; "Nebo's favorite"; Nebuchadnezzar the Great.

Name change:

In the Bible, he lost "the Great" after he destroyed the temples of Jerusalem and conquered other areas.

Claim to fame:

Lots of conquering. Plus, he built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Likely to say:

"Amyitis, my darling wife, these Hanging Gardens are for you."

Unlikely to say:

"So, do you like them? If not, I can return them. I have the receipt."

Name of his capital city:


Name of his capital city once it grew up:


Pun we're very sorry for:

That last one. Really.

Favorite snack:

Anything with nougat. He was mad for nougat. (Or was it power? I can never remember which.)