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Born around 427 B.C. — Died around 347 B.C.



Also known as:


Not to be confused with:

The great thinker Aristotle (whom he taught), or the "Aristocats" (whom he did NOT teach).

Also not to be confused with:

Play-doh, Pluto, or the "Plate o' Shrimp" special down at the Clam Shack.

Claim to fame:

Plato is known for his "dialogues," which are basically plays with two people debating various points. The dialogues concerned ethics (personal decisions of right and wrong), forms of government, and human intelligence, among other things.

Typical story if on 10:00 News:

"Successful Olympic wrestler stops mid-match to talk to self, discusses pluses and minuses of physical violence as a means to settle differences, then defeats self three throws to two."

Likely to say:

"Ignorance, the root and the stem of every evil."

Unlikely to say:

"I'm tired of thinking. Let's hit the mall!"

Favorite ice cream:

Oddly enough, he could never decide.

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