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Put It Back, Jack!

Mad Jack has stolen objects from across time. Use your smarts to find them! Don't worry: you'll have Jodie's Plentifax 487 to help you. Just pick a stolen artifact to get started on a Put It Back, Jack! challenge.

Toilet Roll Robot

Lady Agnes' Bed

Selim's Treasure Room Key

Amelia's Goggles

Scott's Hoosh Bowl

Leonardo's Paddle Boat

Lord Byron's Carriage

Oogbah's Bone Jewelry

Peter the Great's
Model Ship

Li Shimin's Fighting Staff

A Guardian's Helmet

Lakshmi's Necklace

Kai's Uncle's
Rongorongo Tablet

Ndongan Spear and Shield

Hammonri's Clay Tablet

Napoleon's Hat

Fred's Cow Skull

Game Ball

Thomas Edison's
Invention Plans

Leif Ericson's
Seal Meat Dinner

Lewis's Sketch Book

Sam's Secret Scroll

Samurai Helmet

Hippo Amulet

Temüjin's Sword and Hat

Skull Candlestick

Mad Jack is lurking in every TV episode. Look for him!
Coming Soon

Only the green mists of time can reveal exactly what is coming soon.

Stay tuned...