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Our site is updated weekly with new stuff to make the past come alive

The Adventures

Green Mist Mysteries
A series of original interactive TIME WARP TRIO stories

Plentifax 487
A Flash guide for time travelers to everywhere we warp

Put It Back, Jack!
Time-melting Flash research games to recover objects stolen by Mad Jack

Time Warp Adventures
Start here to visit everywhere the Trio goes or leave Messages Across Time

The Games

The Sandwiches of Time
Hungry for a Flash quiz spanning all of time and space?

Sound Detective
Place gross and weird noises back in history with this cool Flash game

Create, print or e-mail poems that warp time in Flash

The Show

Clips from the TV series including the theme song and how it all started

Who's Who?
A growing list of funky profiles of real people and Time Warp characters

Stuff to Buy
TIME WARP TRIO merchandise at the WGBH Shop

Teachers & Parents

About Teaching History
Jon Scieszka's guide to making history fun in the classroom

Lesson Plans
Original classroom extensions for humanities, social studies and more

Episode Descriptions
Discover where every episode is set and who the time warpers meet

Site Tour
A detailed tour of our kids' content

Books and Links
Books and Web sites for kids and educators to extend every episode

Technical Help
Need some help with Flash, QuickTime or Windows Media Player?

Privacy Policy
We protect your kids' privacy: here's how

Boring but essential legal stuff

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