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22nd Century.


Brooklyn, United States.

Also known as:

Fred's Great Granddaughter.

How might you describe her?

Not cool.

Would she care?

Not much.


She hates, in no particular order: dark rooms; closed spaces; snakes; flight (jet AND inter-planetary); water; heights; stairs; deserts; going too fast; going too slow.

Anything else?

Spiders. Moths. And worms.

First word:


Likely to say:

"Stop it, all of you! You're going to rip the space-time continuum!"

"A jail cannot part true friends."

Unlikely to say:

"On pourrait dire quelque chose d'analogue de Shakespeare, en tant qu'éducateur, pour les Anglais, de Goethe pour les Allemands, de Dante et Machiavel pour les Italiens"

Why not?

She doesn't speak French that well.

Who would play Freddi in a movie?

Phoebe from Friends.

Favorite ice cream:

Zorgatts Extract. Not available in stores (yet).