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21st Century.


Brooklyn, United States.

Also known as:

Joe the Magnificent, Joe the Show.

Not known as:


Claim to fame:

Joe's an average kid with great friends and a boring family. The usual stuff. One more thing: he has a Book that allows him and his friends to travel across all dimensions of time and space.

Typical headline if on 10 o'clock news:

Hero Boy Battles Greatest Army Of All Time.

After the Break: Do Carrots Damage the Ozone Layer? Channel 9 investigates.

Likely to say:

"Good evening Vikings and gentlemen! I, Joe the Magnificent, will now dazzle you with a spine-tingling, eye-opening, neck-saving display of MAGIC!!"

"Has anyone seen my Book?"

Also likely to say:

"From now on, no one uses The Book. Unless it is an absolute emergency."

Unlikely to really mean it when he says:

"From now on, no one uses The Book. Unless it is an absolute emergency."

Who would play Joe in a movie?

John Cusack, Will Smith or Leonardo Di Caprio. Hey, did Joe write this?

Favorite ice cream:



He has a younger sister Anna, a mom who mostly works with books, and a dad. Joe, like most kids, has no idea what his dad does. He has an Uncle Joe, an ex-magician, and an Uncle Jack. Uncle Joe gave him a mysterious birthday present. Maybe you heard of it: The Book.