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Lady Agnes Randolph


Born 1300 — Died 1369.



Claim to fame:

Defended Castle Dunbar against the attacking Earl of Salisbury.

Also known as:

Black Agnes; Agnes Randolph of Dunbar; Countess of Dunbar; 4th Countess of Moray.

Nothing to do with:

Black Angus cattle; Reggae drummer Sly Dunbar; Moray eels.

Was good at:

Taunting her attackers; Defending her castle; Thinking quickly and creatively.

Was not good at:


Likely to say:

"Is that your hair, or did a badger fall asleep on your head?"

Unlikely to say:

"Here are the keys to my castle. Just lock up when you're done."

Favorite ice cream:

Haggis Bar Crunch.

Lady Agnes Randolph