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Peter the Great


Born 1672 — Died 1725.



Also known as:

Peter Alexeyevich Romanov; Tsar; Peter the Great, Father of His Country, Emperor of All the Russias.

Not to be confused with:

Peter Rabbit, Peter Piper, Peter Pan, Peter Parker, or Peter the "Pretty Good, but Nothing to Write Home About, If You Ask Me."

Claim to fame:

Modernized Russia.

Claim to infamy:

Over 30,000 serfs died building St. Petersburg for him.

Typical story if on 10:00 News:

"With word that Peter the Great — the six-foot, seven-inch Russian Tsar — disguised himself to travel Europe and learn about everything from microscopes to shipbuilding, we stop to ask ourselves: did no one notice a six-foot, seven-inch Russian guy wandering around collecting things? What's up with that?"

Likely to say:

"I want my Russian Empire, and I want it now!"

Unlikely to say:

"Do you think this outfit makes me look too tall?"

Favorite ice cream:

Borscht Bonanza.