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22nd Century.


Brooklyn, United States.

Also known as:

Sam's Great Granddaughter.

How might you describe her?

Unlike her great grandfather, Samantha is very socially adept. She makes friends easily, and keeps them for life (or for the school year, which is pretty much the same thing.) She knows intuitively who's mad at whom, whose feelings have been hurt, who needs a hug, who needs a kick in the pants. She's happy to administer most of these remedies.

Likely to be covered in:


When shopping for cat food, likely to buy:



Her robot cat likes thumbtacks. (You got a problem with that?)

Likely to say:

"I'm great at yelling! Let's see, if I were a bear, I'd make a sound like, uh, SNEEROOOOOOOOOO! BWAAAAAEEEEEE! SNAR-HUNKA-HUNKA-RRRRRRRR!"

How much is she like Sam?

Like her great grandfather, Samantha's a sucker for puzzles, and weird facts and phenomena. She's not a huge fan of school, though, since it keeps her inside too much. (Besides, it's borrriiinnnngg being so much smarter than everyone else.)

Who would play Freddi in a movie?


Favorite ice cream:

Marshmallow. Not available in stores (yet).