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Thutmose III


About 1500 B.C.



Also known as:

The Pharaoh of Egypt; Thutmose III; The Napoleon of Egypt.

Not known as:

Tutankhamen. That was another dude about 200 years later.

Claim to fame:

He became Pharaoh as a kid, although his step-mom ruled 21 years until she died.

Family life:

Thutmose's real mom was a woman from the royal court. His dad had married his own half-sister. That means his step-mom was also his aunt. Thutmose married his step-mom's daughter who was also his half-sister and his first cousin. Did you get that?

Likely to say:

"I decide who lives and who dies."

"I could have you killed just like that!"

"Excuse me, do you have any birthday cards for a mom who is also an aunt from a husband and wife who is also a cousin and a sister?

Unlikely to say:

"Your half-sister isn't half cute. Is there half a chance she has another half-sister?"

Spoils of war:

His successful military campaigns brought him everything from great wealth to a large rhinoceros.

Favorite ice cream:

Two scoops: half vanilla, half pistachio.