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 Messages Across Time

A Time Warper left this Message at 8:18 P.M. on 5/29/17
Greetings from 18th-century Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island! All these moai here — the big stone statues — are really cool... although you always have the feeling you're being watched. "Rapa Nui" means "navel of the world." If this island were MY navel, there'd be a lot more lint around here. It's called Easter Island because Europeans first set foot here on an Easter Sunday. And I thought it was because bunnies run around everywhere hiding eggs. Sam told me they had battling clans here, but I thought he said "battling CLAMS." If I'd heard him correctly, I wouldn't have brought my battery-powered, supercharged, industrial-strength clam rake. Oh, good news! I won the Birdman competition! I did it by distracting the others, then tying their shoelaces together. See you later!

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