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G., age 13 of AR left this Message at 11:46 A.M. on 6/26/18
Och! I've just returned from 1338 Scotland! Unfortunately, I was caught up in a siege and trapped in a castle, which means every meal was turnips on toast (not as good as it sounds). The English attacked us with everything! They even used three-week-old dirty socks flung from a catapult, which I thought was most unfair. Of course, we defended ourselves by taunting them mercilessly in terrible fake English accents. We eventually gained the upper hand by yelling Scottish insults at them. Let's face it, calling someone a muttonhead is bound to break their spirit. Long story short, we won! They stopped attacking! Of course, then I had to stay longer to help prepare for the post-siege sale ("everything must go"). (*sigh*) A time traveler's work is never done. Catch ya later!

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