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G., age 18 of TX left this Message at 6:14 A.M. on 9/15/20
Brrr! I just took a bath in an icy swimming hole! A bar of soap froze to my hand, and my nose hairs turned to icicles. What if my feet become frostbitten?! That would be awful! But then I remember that I can use my bar soap as a hand puppet named "Bubbles." (*Sigh*) Life is not so unbearable after all in the South Pole. Especially if one has the companionship of joyous penguins. But suddenly, the bar of soap I'm holding talks to me in fluent Japanese! Yikes! The extreme conditions must be affecting me strangely. Luckily, a familiar voice calls to me: "You are safe." I turn to see a tiny penguin wearing a spiked haircut. He invites me to huddle with the rest of his family. He says his name is Danny Devito. Star struck, I ask, "Weren't you in that movie?" He does not reply. Yes, I say to myself, enjoying some krill with my new friends, he was in that Batman movie or something about marching penguins.

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