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A Time Warper left this Message at 5:32 P.M. on 6/10/21
Bon jour! I was just in France in 1815. Oddly enough, people there sure speak a lot of French. I hung out with Napoleon! It was cool! Although, to be honest, his questionable table manners got tired real fast. Napoleon wasn't really THAT short — just short for a general — but I still made sure not to seat him at the "kids table" during the holidays. You could definitely tell that Napoleon was Emperor, though, because he made everyone do moose calls just because he could. While in France, I also went ballooning with Madame Bouchard! When we were way up in the air, I realized that I should have gone to the bathroom before we left. Plus, I learned some French while I was there. For instance, "Je m'appelle Napoleon" means Napoleon's head is very apple-like. (At least I THINK it does...) Au revoir!

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